About US

In 1988 Ralph Davis was working for a local irrigation distributor when he recognized an opportunity to improve how irrigation wires are connected underground. This led to the formation of Connector Kings Corporation and the first product, the SA-101 waterproof connector to eliminate exposure to water and corrosion. The effectiveness and ease of installation became a hit with local irrigation contractors. As the word spread and sales increased, Ralph began getting requests for similar products which led to the development of the SA-102 3-wire connector. 

Throughout the 1990s, Connector Kings Corporation manufactured and sold all of its own products and built relationships with thousands of contractors and municipalities.  At this point, Ralph noticed a desire for not only its own connectors and fittings but for all the parts required for large-scale irrigation projects. Over the years, Connectors Kings began establishing relationships with other manufacturers to become a full-service irrigation distributor. 

Today Connector Kings still manufactures its own products at 2 manufacturing plants, one outside of Knoxville Tennessee and the other in Southern California, while also serving as a “one-stop shop” for all your irrigation wholesale needs. We have proudly served over 12,000 contractors and shipped to over 29 countries. 

In 2023, Ralph decided it was time to (semi) retire after nearly 40 years working in the irrigation industry and in early 2024 sold the business to Derek Debiak. Ralph still plays an active role and retains a financial stake in the company. 

Our commitment to quality and customer service remains unchanged, and we look forward to earning your trust for all your irrigation needs.

Closing Day 2024

Left to Right:

Kyle Valentine - Viking Mergers & Acquisitions

Ralph Davis - Founder of Connector Kings

Derek Debiak - New Owner of Connector Kings

Katie Debiak - Derek's Wife and Co-Founder of Water View Investments