Hidden Dog Fence Connectors

Also known as underground or wireless dog fences, work by creating a boundary within which a pet can roam freely without a physical barrier. Here's how they typically operate:

Transmitter: The system includes a transmitter, which is usually placed indoors or in a sheltered area. This transmitter emits a radio signal through a buried wire or via a wireless signal.

Boundary Wire: For traditional underground fences, a boundary wire is buried underground to mark the perimeter of the area where the pet is allowed to roam. This wire carries the signal emitted by the transmitter.

Receiver Collar: The pet wears a special collar equipped with a receiver that detects the signal from the boundary wire or the wireless transmitter. When the pet approaches the boundary, the collar emits a warning signal such as a beep or vibration to alert the pet.

Correction: If the pet continues to approach or crosses the boundary, the collar delivers a mild static correction or vibration. This correction is intended to deter the pet from crossing the boundary and is designed to be safe and humane.

Training: Proper training is crucial for the effectiveness of invisible dog fences. Pets need to learn to associate the warning signal with the boundary and to retreat when they hear it. Training usually involves gradually introducing the pet to the boundary and reinforcing boundaries with visual cues during the training process.

Maintenance: Invisible dog fences require regular maintenance to ensure proper functioning. This includes checking the boundary wire for any damage, replacing batteries in the collar, and ensuring that the transmitter is working correctly.

Overall, invisible dog fences provide a way to contain pets within a designated area without the need for physical fences, offering both freedom for the pet and peace of mind for the owner. However, they are not suitable for all pets and may require careful training and supervision to be effective.


How can Connector Kings Help? 

Boundary Wire Connectors

Connector Kings Manufactures a 2 wire direct burial connector at our factory outside of Knoxville Tennessee. These connectors are ideal for connecting boundary wires and preventing corrosion in harsh outdoor environments. 

Below is a picture of our SA101 Two Wire Connector that has been used by dog fence installers around the country since 1988. 

Dog Fence Wire Conduit

Avoid wire breaks by your customers and their gardeners. Connector Kings Polypipe is perfect for using as conduit for dog fence parameter wire in planters, gardens, under sidewalks and driveways.

Stands up to garden spades and shovels.

100% pure low-density polyethylene with added elastomers for increased flexibility

Available in 100 foot coils.