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6" Cord Set w/ Angle Plug

6" Cord Set w/ Angle Plug

By Paige Electric


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Utilizing right-angle plugs in irrigation projects offers numerous benefits, especially in confined spaces, where it reduces both cable stress and space requirements. Cord sets play a pivotal role in powering and managing irrigation systems, fulfilling various functions:

  1. Powering Irrigation Controllers: Cord sets are vital for linking irrigation controllers or timers to power sources, enabling automated scheduling and operation of irrigation tasks, thus ensuring efficient water distribution.

  2. Connecting Pump Motors: In irrigation setups, cord sets simplify the connection of pump motors to power sources, facilitating the transfer of water from a well or reservoir to the irrigation system, thereby maintaining a steady water supply.

  3. Powering Valve Solenoids: Cord sets are essential for energizing valve solenoids, which control water flow through irrigation valves. By linking the solenoid to the irrigation controller, cord sets enable the opening and closing of valves based on programmed watering schedules, optimizing water distribution.

  4. Connecting Sensors and Monitoring Devices: Cord sets act as intermediaries between sensors and monitoring equipment, such as soil moisture sensors, weather stations, or flow meters, and irrigation controllers. This connection allows for real-time monitoring of environmental conditions and water usage, facilitating precise irrigation management and conservation efforts.

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